Friday, 27 January 2012

Les basiques - Crackers for Cheese Eaters

Cheese is important to us, the stronger the better. We could have stuck to bread and cheese - and ended up with an overdose of carbs. But what we really wanted were crackers. The recipe is our fourth (and best) variation on the BBC Good Food Sea Salt Water Biscuits recipe

To make 55 (using pasta maker)

150g Plain Flour (Sainsbury's own brand)
50g Rye Flour (Dove Farms)
tsp baking powder (Dove Farms)
50g butter (Sainsbury's own brand)
Table Salt  (1/2 tsp)
Sea (Maldon)
Linseeds (Sainsbury's own brand)

Flour, butter and Baking Powder, and table salt


Admiring the dough

Make them thin (pasta maker at 5)

Cut them

Before cooking (add salt, pepper and linseeds) and try to look sideways..

A new jar of crackers
To enjoy with British cheese!

NB: for the Weight Watchers programme: 2 crackers is 1 WW point.

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